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Welcome on forum of Golden Broods - fabulous guild of Guild Wars 2. Enjoy.
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Note that everyone are welcome to register on this forum and to post in available sections - no matter if you are or aren't part of Golden Broods or even if you don't play Guild Wars 2 yet.
If you have any kinds of troubles with registration go to Visitors' Beach - section dedicated for guests (unregistered viewers) and for new users. Visitors' Beach provides permission to post in there for everyone, so you can contact us without need to register. If you have any problem/question let us know about it there and we'll help you.
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Name: Golden Broods [Gold]

Level: 39 ___ Roster size: 92

Type: PvX

Additional custom game mode:
"Guild Career"

Multinational - Basic English required.

Server for WvW: Far Shiverpeaks
All servers are welcome.

Voice Chat Communicator: Discord

YouTube channel * Guildex Profile
Facebook Group

Learn more here:
Introduction to Golden Broods
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* 2016.08.19 ***HoLiDayS!!!11!1*** It's officially holidays time, folks. We're getting back with events in September. o/ PS Don't forget to say gz to our Member of July 2016 - mister Lichii. ;)

* 2016.08.05 Poll is up for Member of July: here.

* 2016.08.05 Raids scheduled now on Wednesdays 20:00 (CEST/GMT+2) and Saturdays 14:00 (CEST/GMT+2) starting on Wednesday 9 August. o/

* 2016.07.30 OMG, this is so gooood! XD If you didn't see it yet, better check out Lichii's video from successful raid hype! :D

* 2016.07.30 Golden Broods is now after first roster cleaning which is a prologue to soon incoming fancy text about guild organization including some technical rules (for example how we define inactivity and how hard you have to try to be kicked from our peace-and-love guild ^_^ ). Removed from roster players received a message with a cookie and info about their optional rejoining the guild as soon as they will get back to playing the game. x)

* 2016.07.29 Another "Second Broods Initiations" are over! Congratulations to our 5 Third Broods who today became SECOND BROODS, woooohooo! :D Click here to view the final scores of each participant. You can also find those scores in their profiles and in all topics in which they post - under their avatars. :) Thx a lot for joining the event. o/

* 2016.07.29 The Member of July 2016 time! \o/ Don't forget to log in on forum to be able to post. ;)

* 2016.07.28 Important news! Queen is freaking jealous of our fabulous Raiding Squad! XD Guys kicked ass of Vale Guardian when she was pissed at her little town and at the fact that each storm there's problem with electricity! And they have freaking WhatsApp group! Maybe it's time to buy an iPhone... I always thought phones are to call people... Hahahaha! GZ Raiding Squad! <3 Great job, keep up the good work, boys and girls! o/
PS As I mentioned in Message of the Day - Lichii and his skills, including really nice power to take initiative, are brilliant - I'm aware of that! :D Just gonna first have some little crowd during incoming "Second Broods Initiations" if anyone know what the hell is she talking about. x)

* 2016.07.25 Prepare your butts for exctiting event coming on 29 July (Friday) at 21:00 CEST/GMT+2! On that day you will be either spactating second in history of Golden Broods "Second Broods Initiations" or taking part in that event as one of chosen by leaders the most active/devoted representatives of Third Brood. Invitations have been sent. Everyone can join the event to spactate (it will take place in our Arena in Guild Hall), but only 8 invited members who will accept the invitation (in case someone won't accept it, then next in line members will recieve the invitation, so hopefully we'll end up with 8 participants - last time it was 4 :D) will be taking part in fun activities during this event and they will eventually get their next rank. :)

* 2016.07.22 The Open Community is organizing another Community Weekend - 2 days full of fun events and chances to win a lot of goooold. :D Check out this link to learn about schedule. Hide and Seek, Tonic Race, Naked Tequatl, drunk Triple Trouble, Scavenger Hunt, Improv Challenge and Fashion Wars are sooo muuuuch fuuuuuuuuun. \o/ Queen is gonna be there all weekend probably, so call her if you need some directions to OC's ts etc. ;)

* 2016.07.18 A link to secret video - available for now only to Raiding Squad is on Discord right now in #heyooooooo chat! o/

* 2016.07.16 Check out the "memory album" - a little video full of screenshots coming from prologue to epic story of John and the Secret of the Mustache! ^_^

* 2016.07.15 RAAAIDDDDSSSS!

* 2016.07.07 Voting for Member of the June 2016 finally closed. Go here for more info. \o/

* 2016.06.26 Forum is in renovation! Some elements serves as examples, some are old like Guides Zone (no more Guides). (Including this video under - there will be a fancy guild advert here). Please, be patient. Sooner or later everything will work smoothly. Registration is already open. Most of sections are ready to use anyway.

* 2016.06.17 The chat room "#roles-assigning" on Discord has been changed to "#server-rules". Make sure that you read those rules and follow them. :)

* 2016.06.16 We're bringing in a new forum rule for better technical organization: forum's account name must be same as your GW2 account name with the only difference of excluding the dot and 4 numbers. The profile's field for "Account name" won't be deleted for possibly needed numbers in account name. All current forum's accounts has been updated (we changed your forum's account names to GW2 account names which you provided in the profile field), so if you already had account on this forum, remember to log in with using your GW2 account name, but excluding the numbers. No need to remember those. ;)

* 2016.06.15 Exctiting changes to ranks and permissions. Simpler career ladder and clearer levels. Forum and in-game ranks upgraded. For more info go to Queen.

~ * ~

Sunday (7 August)

Monday (8 August)

Tuesday (9 August)

Wednesday (10 August)

Thursday (11 August)

Friday (12 August)

Saturday (13 August)

[official schedule is in constuction; for now this is only a sample needed for HTML fun; do not pay attention to times or poor events offer; please, be patient while waiting for official schedule]
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The Member of July 2016:
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-> Member of July 2016 [Poll]
-> "Second Broods Initiations" results
-> Your first impression of the forum [Poll]
-> CF Tipps and Tricks by Ice Tea
-> Guild Organization
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Introduction to ranks

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Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:

"Arrogant? Me? Naaah."

Privilege, capabilities, power - these are random words, which don't have much to do with being a Queen. Responsibility, sensible trust and hard decisions are what defines this position much better.

Being a Queen means giving power to people who proved their worth, skills and most of all - that you can relay on them. It also means representing guild in political and social matters. Queen administers guild's forum, organizes the public relations area and she's the main voice at big guild events.

The rank has basically all the possible privileges, yet Queen uses them with restraint, remembering that she only represents needs of her people. She chooses Prophets - the most responsible members for organization of the guild (right after herself) who as well have a lot of power and a lot of tasks to take care of.

Next to representing position, one of important roles of ruler's rank is judging in difficult matters. The last word always belongs to the Queen.
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"You mean Loyal?"

Royals (also known as "Lucky Bastards") are group of the most trusted friends of the Queen and retired veterans. Members with this rank have basically no responsibilities, besides of giving a good example of Golden Broods, supporting the guild with advise or making sure that Queen is in a good mood to deal with her duties.

Only Queen can promote members to that rank, as it is very special (high and yet unworking) position. Even Prophets who run members roster can't interfere with who become and who not a Royal member.

The rank gives social privilege, but brings only the "fun permissions" connected to idyllic playing in guild hall. Additionally those honorable members are allowed to claim objectives for Golden Broods while supporting Mentors during their leaderships.

Royals will always be heared and taken seriously, if only they will want to add anything in any topics (as they are known from being well educated and many times also experienced), yet at the end of the day they don't have the final word in any guild organization aspects, since it's others ranks responsibilities. No one is bound to listen to consulting of Royals.

Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:
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Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:

"You can't defy me. I am The God here."

Right after the Queen, Prophet is the most responsible and privileged member of the guild. Only the most ambitious members dreams about achieving that rank. To be able to touch all the gold in guild's treasury, you have to be the best of the best and prove that you can be always trusted.

Prophets are basically running the guild - what makes them different from Queen's rank is mainly the fact that they can focus directly on guild organization without being the watched-by-all representative and without having to take care of public relations.

Main roles of Prophets: spending gold gathered by the guild, upgrading the guild hall, updating "Message of the Day" and most of all keeping an eye on guild roster - promoting, demoting, inviting, banishing...

Yet because Prophets are mainly focused on organization, they usually don't use privileges which they share with rank considered as lower than them - Mentors are working around people, leading crowds to the victory, while Prophets most of the times only join them as observing eyes in the crowd.

Despite of being a boss, Prophet can still be ignored when it comes to a "war matter" (how daily activities looks like in practice). Mentors aren't obliged to listen to Prophet's advice and to directions about their field of responsibilities, yet they need to remember to respect him and to always hear him out.
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"You might be God, but you know shit about people living in world you created. We are their angels. We are their role models."

Teachers, commanders, team leaders... - some Mentors are all of them at once, some are specializing in specific game modes.

Mentors aren't bothered much with guild organization. They are focused on leading guild members during daily activities. WvW raids, guild missions, PvP team matches.... They actively participate in all kinds of big and small events, yet they usually don't plan them, but only accept tasks and fulfill directions given them by Prophets or Queen.

Despite of that, since Mentors are leaders, closed to people, they are very much respected and often asked by higher ranks for opinions connected to guild organization or about helpful observations of guild members.

Achieving mentor's rank for many is the dream End Game goal.

Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:
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Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:

"One more stupid chair and I quit! Give me that Mentor rank already!"

Everyone can try their chances with scribing discipline, but not everyone can become one of official royal Golden Broods Scribes.

Those (known as) "Masters of Chairs" are highly supported by guild capital while crafting elements for the guild. Position of a Scribe isn't as much respected as Mentor's, especially since Mentors often still voluntarily do the job of a Scribe, yet it's a Scribe who is known from being the most profitable rank for individual players. Member can master his discipline with our help and enjoy the privilege to decorate Gold's guild hall.

Rank is given only to Gold Hunters who were applying for it and it is an important waypoint on the road to achieve Mentor's position.
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Gold Hunter

"Why pirates are pirates? Cuz they arrrrrr..."

Gold Hunter is an intriguing position designed to serve for many purposes.

First of all it's a link between members who by now mainly just enjoyed what Golden Broods have to offer and those of members who want to be more useful for the guild. It's first job of members aspiring for high positions. Among other important values, this role reveals involvement into guild matters and tell us that member deserves to be supported in the future as a Scribe.

Rank don't bring any special permissions, besides of ability to use Guild Portal. Travel through Tyria and rob for us, Gold Hunters! Every single member can support the guild with donations and to find himself on the list of gold donors, but we expect to make regular donations only from Gold Hunters.

As a rank without significant privileges, it also serves as "permissions blocker" for higher ranks. In case you'll be accused of something or you'll be on long vacations - you can temporary find yourself back on Gold Hunter's rank either to stop you from abusing your power or to inform other members that you currently can't help with organization of events.

You can apply for Gold Hunter's rank once you found yourself in First Brood and you donated at least 50 gold in total during your history with Golden Broods.

Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:
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First Brood


Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:

"OH YEEEAH. Finally on the top! I'm fancy and mature. Time to laugh at those noobs from Second and Third Broods."

If you're not interested in working for guild, but only in being an active, respected member with no huge responsibilities - then First Brood is your goal.

Yet you need to know that achieving this rank will already be a challenge.

First Brood contains mainly 5-players teams with their own cool names and strong friendship connections. It is possible for First Brood's members to have in their team people of higher ranks and it is also possible for them to (at least temporary) not be anymore in any team (such members are known as "gladium" named after charr's warbands model), but no matter what - if you'll one day find yourself in First Brood it will mean that you got here as a member of Second Brood who in company of 4 friends did a good job during process of registering a team.

Members of the First Brood are proud, educated and experienced players. As long as you're member of lower ranks, you should be able to always find here a helping hand or at least someone to look up to and to learn from.
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Second Brood

"Shut up, First Brood. We're not noobs anymore."

Second Brood's members are often compared to growing up teenagers. It's hard to call them mature yet, but they already proved that they aren't kids anymore and that they deserve for treating them seriously.

The main difference between Second Brood and First Brood is that Second Broods are still lonely warriors. They got this rank not only by pulling attention on themselves (and therefore receiving invite for "Second Broods Intiations"), but they also past the full of fun scored tests to eventually find themselves with this rank (third phase of Initiations requires a dose of cooperation skills, yet groups are selected by examiners and even some fighting with each other players can past the test well together, which is different from First Brood having to team up by themselves, choosing the leader).

You can definitely say about Second Brood's members that they are well educated, yet they lack experience, especially when it comes to cooperation, which is approached as a big value by Golden Broods. If you're looking for our lonely wolves then you'll probably find them among members having this rank for the longest period of time.

Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:
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Third Brood


Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:

"What do you mean it's just a waypoint?"

As soon as you'll decide that you enjoy your stay in Golden Broods and that you wish to secure your place in the guild you have to get through your Third Brood Initiation. Once you did that you are an official member of Golden Broods with a rank of a Third Brood.

During their first initiation future Third Broods learn about the guild (perhaps you already heard there about this forum before you even read this description). New members interested enough in the guild are also told there about technical things which they need to do in order to become Third Brood member - joining forum, joining Discord etc.

Third Broods are the "youngest generation" of Golden Broods - no matter how old are you or how big experience you actually have with the Guild Wars. If you desire to get higher ranks - you'll have to first spend here some time.

Third Broods are either focused on learning or on showing what they already know. As soon as member with that rank will be seen by guild's leaders and times of special event - "Second Broods Initiations" will come then player can expect to receive an invite for his/her chance to get to Second Brood.

Experienced and active players don't sit here too long. This also means you may want to make sure that you'll not only be just seen, but also distinctive among rest of members with your rank. The number of invites is limited, because of time and effort which is required to organize the event.

Good luck!
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"Do we have TS?"

Welcome to Golden Broods! Unless roster is currently full or you don't like us.

The rank of a Watcher is available right away for everyone who is interested in the guild. No matter what is that you're looking for here (even if it's just your first ever experience with any guild, so you wonder how guild panel look like while being in a guild or perhaps you desire to take a look at our guild hall) - you can stay as a Watcher for as long as roster limits don't force us to make a place for more active members (and of course for as long as you don't significantly interrupt other members with their chilling, happy, fun experience in our "warm home").

As soon as a Watcher will hear enough about the guild or will enjoy offered by us events, or find whatever other reason to want to secure stronger his place in the guild - he/she can join "Third Broods Initiations" (available regularly each week, but also individually depending on leaders free time) and easily be guided there to become an official Golden Broods member.

Hope you'll like it with us. <3

Current number of members on this rank / the maximum number of members on this rank:
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Interactive map of Golden Broods' guild hall (Gilded Hollow) and forum's sections

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Category 1: Prime Organization (info about guild, feedback, competitions and forum maintenance)

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Category 2: High Ranks (cool members lists and their private topics to use)

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